Kurt Oddekalv Prize winners announced

Last weekend, the results were announced and the winners of the environmental nomination The Oddekalv Prize, the first international award of the Euro-Arctic countries, were awarded. The award was named after Kurt Willy Oddekalva, an outstanding Norwegian environmentalist who tragically died last year.

Due to quarantine restrictions, the award ceremony was held online simultaneously in several countries of the Barents region - in Norwegian Bergen, in Finnish Rovaniemi, in Swedish Hudding and in Moscow.

The winners of the award were announced: from Norway, the head of the "Green Warriors of Norway" Ruben Oddekalv, from Sweden - public figure Tord Björk and environmentalist Erik Larsen, from Finland - journalist Johan Beckman, from Russia - journalist Sergey Shahidzhanyan, public figure Daria Mitina and environmentalist Vladimir Latka , from Denmark and Greenland - Minister for Infrastructure Mariane Paviassen.