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The Oddekalv Prize nominees are independent and talented environmentalists from Russia, Norway, Finland, and Sweden.
Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen
Star Wars winner and environmental activist
Ella Marie oversees planned mining operations at the Repparfjord in Finnmark.
“We have been saying for ten years that the Repparfjord will be Alta's new land. It's a very special experience to go on fildwork and immerse yourself in the universe of the 1970s and 1980s, while at the same time fighting the battle in 2021." Like all Sámi, she brings environmental issues through her soul. The Alta campaign marked an important turning point in the history of the Norwegian Sámi. "The movement sowed the seeds that made us create a Sami parliament in Norway. When I was young, I realized how much the Alta's campaign meant. When I myself became an active participant in the environmental movement, the activists from Alta became an even greater role model for me.
Ruben Oddekalv
Takes over a new leader
The Norwegian Association for the Environment (NMF) has unanimously decided that Ruben Oddekalv will be acting manager until the elections. He is Kurt Willie Oddekalv's son - the leader of the Environmental Protection Association, who tragically passed away on January 11 this year.
Johan Bäckman
Finnish social scientist, publicist
Johan Bäckman became famous for the articles about Russian relations with Finland and with the Baltic countries.
Education: Doctor of Social and Political Sciences. He is an assistant professor at three universities in Finland.
Darya Mitina
Politician and public figure
Russian left-wing politician, political scientist, publicist, film reviewer, blogger. "Militant Ecology" book co-author.
Timofey Surovcev
Head of the Environmental Monitoring Center "POMOR"
Today in the Arctic there is a clear information inequality, when our neighbors reign supreme in the boundary information space, while positive environmental news from Russia has no consumer abroad.
Tord Björk
Politician, public figure
The famous Swedish ecologist, politician, co-chair of the European Social Forum and the head of the Swedish Green Union noted that the Swedes have met the pandemic crisis "naked" and defenseless - the total privatization carried out by the Swedish governments (both liberal and social democratic) deprived the country of food security, and it also led to a food shortage under quarantine conditions - today 120 municipalities are forced to start growing potatoes and other vegetables themselves.
The Prize is presented in three nominations
The right to nominate for the Kurt Oddekalv Prize is granted to the Organizing Committee and representatives of Kurt Oddekalv’s family.
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independent ecologists who not only draw public attention to the environmental problems of the Barents Region, but also offer unique and innovative ways to solve them.
environmental journalists who raise important environmental issues and search for constructive ways of interaction between all Euro-Arctic countries to solve them.
cultural figures, well-known media personalities of the Barents Region, who actively contribute to the environmental movement and promote high eco-standards.